Sunday, November 8, 2015

Demonstration Synthesis / James Benjamin - DS 24

Outside of the Earth's atmosphere, protection from radiation is gone. Particles bombard, bounce and penetrate. The first side of this cassette hearkens to the Soviet /United States space race. Sounds of metal capsules being exposed to emptiness of space while control panels bleep and beep in communication processes with the control hub.

As side A plays on, the suns flurry subsides. Space has become calm and peaceful. Mellow drone ensues and synthesizer stays put in more friendly formations. This soothing atmosphere is finally inturupted by tones of an emense alien mothership tractor beam pulling your small craft into it's hold.

As the tape flips, long distance travel is in store, augmented by wobbly electronic frequencies. Drone exist on the outside edge. The tunes have weight and come across neither playful or disheartening, rather filling the space in between. Slowly turning patterns revealing the many facets of a kalidescope. Well constructed and mesmerizing!

Never Anything Records second release by Demonstration Synthesis and James Benjamin. This one is sound delivered on a curve in relation to the more pop outputs of the first and third of this debut batch. Daniel Leznoff (DS) and James Benjamin combine their talents and create a strikingly alien industrial world. My cassette has indication this was done in a run of fifty.

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