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Sunday, November 8, 2015

John Dillon - The Lost Estate

The Lost Estate is pop music reaching back and then forward through time. Dillon Sturtevant has composed eleven tracks utilizing special channeling abilities. Stretching through multiple dimensions of the continuance, these songs herald rootfull tunes. While something of the past can be heard, John Dillon has thrown this tape forward creating sounds budding with new growth.

There is enough diversity on The Lost Estate for any listener to attune themselves to. Favorite tracks are scattered throughout. I have really enjoyed Shenandoah on the first side. Throwing back a little bit to folky guitar and vocals. The second side sounds exceptionally good with the song Last Golden Age. Poised vocals with groovly composed guitar lines, reminding me of Lloyd Cole's early Rattlesnakes album.

The entire listening experience changes from start to finish, but keeps within set bounds. This makes for a smooth ride. John Dillon has moments of introspection with Friends Like Mine the title track The Lost Estate. While Death Mask sends me to the 80's with hazy synthesizer runs, beats and new wave vocals.

This is Never Anything Record's third tape of the first batch. The Lost Estate is unique in being so diverse within itself. It is difficult to tell at this point where the label will focus other than finding talented artists with beautiful sounds to share. 

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