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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Lior Gekler - Claude

Worbeld music from vintage microphones. Sound seeps though times boundaries and is captured on tape. Lior Gekler's music swirls in and out of this reality. Black and white images of children playing in traveling carnivals. Half filled silent movie theaters, piano playing for the scenes, the screen rips distorting the images. Strange sounds are broadcasted, chaos is here. These tunes have been decaying around the edges, adding deeper feeling and perplexing interest.

Claude is difficult to pin down and wrap a genre around. The diversity is tremendous. Soundscaping from subdued moments on the piano to an almost lawlessness expression of sonance. There are times of beauty and sentiment giving way to snarling notes. Like a forest sparkling with rays of sunshine and it's counterpart on a moonless night. Lior Gekler seems to understand this changing the sound array back and forth, delivering daydreams and nightmares from track to track.

This one is out on Full Body Message Records from Berlin. Originally a cd-r finding the pathway to the tape medium in an edition of 50. Other releases on the label cover the unlit ocean floor to snowy Himalayan peaks. Capturing sounds of Earth's drone as it spins around it's star.

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