Sunday, November 8, 2015

Lustana - Part I

Lustana came and set my table for the holidays. Listening to ample amounts of drone and ambient haze makes the desire to hear well crafted pop tunes grow. Not knowing what Lustana Part I was, my ears soon relished the warmth these tunes provide.

Clay Mahn has a very subdued approach in delivering his crafts. Songs feel full but are never overdone. Like the sound meter on a stereo component, flirting with the red line but always staying out of it. Clays voice soft and consistently soothing, sometimes tinged with slight distortion. Creating a hazy dream world. The music is upbeat and diverse to all measures. So much is happening, like a story with multiple characters ending with all of them being the same person. That is how diverse Lustana is, secretly bound in one beautiful story. After listening this tape will be ready to be flipped and heard again.

In the quickly moving world of looking for new and different, sometimes music that is simply well done gets missed. The most amazing aspect of Lustana is the tape gets better and better as the tracks play through. Almost as if Clay is preparing the listener for the heavy hitters on the last few tracks. Like a reverse lull, so unexpected and appreciated. Thank you!

Never Anything Records starts off with a big hit from the plate. This is their first release in their first batch of three cassettes. Let this one cook on a digital preview and i am sure you will want to order a copy. In an edition of 100 as noted on bandcamp.

Never Anything Records site - bandcamp - facebook