Monday, November 16, 2015

Sasha Conda - Bronco

Bronco lives in a futuristic society. Time has taken a toll on the population, forcing man's indulgences to be governed by artificial intelligence. Like rats in a maze, cheese hanging over traps, dropping grabby paws to an even bigger maze below. The cycle continues creating a pyramid, with everyone so far down, hopeless of ever escaping. Bronco knows how to move through this maze, looking for the hidden passageways and pleasures only known to aberrant individuals. The A.I. is smart though, and keeps tabs on deviants like Bronco. Making his journey unpredictable and dangerous.

Not known to the computers is the analog soundtrack playing pace to Bronco's adventures. This is some stalwart music for tough guys doing stupid things and getting into trouble. When the tunes start ripping in synthetic Trouble Man homage, solutions to tricky situations always surface. Grooved out beats charging forward, introspection, relaxation and mysterious places. Sasha Conda has created sounds that are wicked cool. Reading Bronco's story written by Patrick Scott-Walsh adds a particular sustenance all music should be envious of.

So many variations of music can be heard on Bronco. The track Jackpot is sweet African dubbed out euphoria. Where the Plasticmen reaches into a more late night hazy club feel. Each track corresponds to a chapter in the story of Bronco. The entire tape plays sticky, with tracks connected and cohesive.

Released on Not Not Fun records in addition of 100. This label has been steadily releasing great music for years... Teaming up with Sasha Conda, the story by Patrick Scott-Walsh and the great art work by Keith Rankin going into the presentation, make NNF319 one of my most favorites of the label. With three hundred and nineteen and counting, that says it for me.

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