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Friday, November 6, 2015

Selaroda - viaje a través de sonidos transportative

When listening to new music like Selaroda, the best thing you can hope for is uninterrupted time. Viaje a través de sonidos transportative is asking the listener to join in this journey through serene sonic landscapes. Saturation levels are high and without proper attention bestowed, Selaroda would blur on the surface. The beauty rest just beneath.

The diversity throughout viaje a través de sonidos transportative is tremendous. Tracks range in length from two minutes to over twelve minutes. Other worldly influences can be heard on these music pieces. Some hear on Earth and others strangely unrecognizable. Michael Henning, the force behind Selaroda has talent in engaging the listener from the start. The first track opens the temporal disturbance with a slowly swirling sound fascination. Inviting and intriguing, listening closer to a strange drum world reminiscent of past and forgotten performances at the Caveau de la Huchette in Paris. The third track changes the tempo and moves us from this reality into a majestic drone world where sound oscillates in gentle swells, relaxing and tranquil.

As the cassette flips side two starts and finishes in the same pattern. Two shorter tracks followed by the anchor. Starting off the music has turned slightly, traveling in a world without light. The tones are more recluse, somewhat daunting in nature. We learn this was the dark jungle journey to sacred grounds of Gamelan music of the next piece. A beautiful timeless instrumental providing warmth and well being. As viaje a través de sonidos transportative slips into the last track, wind swept electronics are paired with graceful piano. This mixture provides the most pastoral feeling of the entire composition.

Another Inner Islands release promoting the higher spirit of sound. The discography of the label is strong with thought provoking releases and Selaroda fits like a wooden puzzle piece. Available from Inner Islands in a run of 75.

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