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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Andrew Jansen // Loud Sun - (​(​(​LOUD​)​)​)

Interesting how sometimes really good music is created and produced then slips through times spotlight. Andrew Jansen's new cassette on MJ MJ Records was released in the beginning of September, and now over three months time span, this tape has fortunately claimed occupancy in the player. There are sites with special abilities like Tiny Mix Tapes, with the knowledge of how good this tape is. Also the news media City Pages from Andrew's town of residence Minneapolis was attuned to his skills. Even though this site is trailing months behind, these words of description will hopefully help potential listeners with their chances to hear (((Loud))).

Ten songs incinerating all speed and slowly smoldering over two sides of a cassette. I suppose this could be pop music, but rests only the fringe of genres. Sinking into your ears like freshly harvested greens from the garden, the specific aroma only acquired from leaves being just cut. It took me a little while to retrieve this comparison, but Andrew Jansen's sound reminded me of a few of the slower songs on a band with a debut album from 1985. I will let you figure it out.

On (((Loud))) you can hear the refinement of guitar, vocals and song writing. The craftsmanship allows for each component to stand on its own. Andrew creates music in symmetric geometric figures. All parts equally sounding fascinating and pulling your mind into this casually turning kaleidoscope of songs. The diversity throughout the listen will maintain play after play. The tone and pace of the cassette makes all of the tracks complete as a whole. Although summer is not in the immediate future, (((Loud))) seems like a cassette for road trips under radiant sunlight. Destinations creating feelings of relaxing anticipation and magnificent natural surroundings. This tape will definitely be on board for going to the springs here in Florida.

This is out in an edition of 100 from MJ MJ Records. The label also resides in Minneapolis and is curated by an Andrew as well. Currently available, but most releases are sold out in physical form. So do not wait too long.

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