Quickly Sold Out


Thursday, December 17, 2015


Would it be cool to be able to throw a couple vintage records into a special machine, add the number of years music has progressed and press listen? The apparatus would combine the sound and give it advances in technological and music styling. BRUTALISM has done this and the product sounds pretty cool.

The best thing is, I do not know what to call No Rave? The sounds have ties to music from the eighties, but they are fresh. An EP of five tracks and all produced with tendrils reaching back into the past. The tape is mirrored on both sides and has the look of how cassettes use to be.

The tape flows with beat driven and party sounding tunes mixed with two tracks "Human Being" and the final "Life is Pain", a little more reflective in nature. The opening track "New Empire" and also "Fancy Friends" reminds me of an awesome eighties band The Beatnigs. For both bands there is a touch on the industrial side to the rhythm, and the lyrics sing like a proclamation. Also both BRUTALISM and the Beatnigs fly under the radar of genre and have the ability to deliver the widest spectrum of sounds. The difference for BRUTALISM is the ability to refine what has been before, adding their take to an entire timeline of music that has now been digitally processed away. It is a difficult task because judging from the picture on their facebook page, these three gentlemen were not even born when the music they emulate was being created. They hear it as a summary and do not know what group of people was listening to what type of music or what was cool and what was cheesy. I could be wrong, Gavin Holland, Zach Carter and Benjamin Bruno are just incredibly young looking forty year old musicians, and they were around then. But if not, this does make the difference and in a good way. No bias to music of that time period. Just working on what makes it sound the way they want "for the now".

There is a reference to Massimo Vignelli on the inside of the tape cover. I would imagine this is a connection to the bands name BRUTALISM and tribute to the recently passed away incredible designer. Both Brutalist architecture and Vignelli were influential on each other. This homage can be seen in the graphics of the tape cover. I think i read there are one hundred of these cassettes made.

BRUTALISM - bandcamp - facebook