Quickly Sold Out


Monday, December 14, 2015


Sometimes music comes along and hearing it for the first time is a little overwhelming. Everything happens so quickly and all at once. Choral Reefr is filled and abundantly delivers goodness from so many directions. Excellent song writing paired with hazy vocals. Music thick and layered, hitting the sonic spectrum like an armada of sailing ships, the amalgamation clicks.

DID IT ALL 4 THE PLUSHIES rests on the periphery of genres. Definitely has some pop feel as well as a soulful undertone. The songs are very diverse, but Jessica Oleson's voice keeps the entire tape beautifully flowing. Guests on the cassette like Elliot Snyder, Slyy, Junkie Soda and Joey Joey Michaels add to the skillful craftsmanship in how deep the listen is.

Choral Reefr sinks in your head for late night driving on city interstates. There is a hazy club feel to this music, but with the well written lyrics, the tape comes across much more personal. More to the point of listening to DID IT ALL 4 THE PLUSHIES alone and having an individualized soundtrack for your experiences. The lyrics connect relationships and feelings, weave their way deep into your thoughts. As the cassette flips and plays again (which it will) the scope of this composition will be more and more realized.

Released last month in an edition of one hundred. This is brought to us by the very refreshing MJ MJ Records label. Well crafted configurations made into music and art. MJ MJ Records comes to your ears from every angle. There will definitely be releases resonating with your ears. Choral Reefr works perfectly for me and is available from the label now. 


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