Quickly Sold Out

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Hybrid Palms - Rainbow Breeze

Tropical in nature and mysteriously delivered through some saturated phasing portal. Hybrid Palms has created sounds made from remote islands, locations unknown, blending the continuum of time and speaking through planetary channeling.

Rainbow Breeze is a beautiful pastoral composition. Sounds drip from the forest canopy. Tribal flutes mixed with synthesizer mirroring dancing insect life on the forest floor. Listeners experience a well crafted harmony of field noises, delicate notes and vintage crackle. Although there are six tracks on this cassette, the entire listen sounds more like one blur. There is diversity, but Rainbow Breeze is something to be heard in it's entirety. This tape gently touches the drone world, but stays aloft. Subdued and potently crafted, Hybrid Palms is one that will keep in the deck.

Hybrid Palms was released in a run of fifty. I thought this was purchased fast enough to be able to write about Hybrid Palms before it sold out. Sure incorrect about that.... There are others who know how good this is! Release number sixty nine for Lillerne Tapes. Very awesome label from Chicago, with an impressive amount of completely sold out past cassettes.

Lillerne has two new releases available now on cassette and deserving a listen. One from Clearing and the other a split by Bastian Void / Kyle Landstra. VERY GOOD, VERY GOOD! For now... Thank you Gabe for working with Hybrid Palms and releasing Rainbow Breeze... Digging it to no end.

Teaser Video
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