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Friday, December 4, 2015

Infants - Island Shapes I-IV

Evolutionary drone portraying in sound the planets formation of atmosphere. The space in between space. What is now a life producing surface. Infants penetrates into primordial connections of DNA. Calling on reflections of one cell ancestors and the time ladder leading up from the liquid medium.

The tape is so subdued and beautiful. Four tracks on two sides, all of them keeping inside the float tank. Listening to this causes de-materialization of the body. Molecules begin to merge back through time, where the originated from. This is a link in sound to cosmic origins. Tones resonating and releasing emotions buried under civilizations monotonous routines. The forth track is slightly different. More field sounds of a creatures movement from land back to water. Maybe the listeners?

Island Stages I-IV is drone for purists. Very simple and gorgeously well done! Denmark based Infinite Waves again releasing art and sonic beauty. If you are in the states, Tomentosa is the best place to purchase Infinite Waves releases. Keep ears tuned for theses releases to show up there.

I could not embed sound samples for this release. The Formant has it taken care of with Infants "Island Shapes I-IV" and Kraus "S/T". A nice read and sound sample write ups for both new Infinite Waves releases.

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