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Friday, December 4, 2015

Kraus - S/T

Kraus listens like a majestic fire. Crackling beginnings set in the holds of a futuristic planetary colonizing ship. The sound moves farther back allowing the vast scope of what is happening to be heard. The ship is empty, the planet desolate. As the craft finally falls from it's orbit, the sounds of Kraus describe it's destruction.

This cassette is all encompassing. Listening to Kraus on headphones is an experience all to it's own. Wind blown synthesizer rips across the empty tundra as clamorous entities shred what is left of the ancient civilization. They are devouring the land like savaging catfish, prehistoric in methodology and without concern for anything around them.

The sounds emanating from Kraus are a bit of a mystery. Out on Infinite Waves, the presentation is superb, both in sound and art. There is not much to go on as a description  though. To me, this is best described as galactic drone, grandiose in scale, sounds heard by gods when shaping the cosmos. The buildup is intense on each side. This allows for both tracks to position your ears, gripping to the last rung of safety. You will be in free fall by the end of each side. This is the world of Kraus, where there is nothing to hold on to but the sound itself.

I could not embed sound samples for this release. The Formant has it taken care of with Kraus "S/T" and Infants "Island Shapes I-IV". A nice read and sound sample write ups for both new Infinite Waves releases.

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