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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Little Big Bangs - Star Power

Little Big Bangs have taken the reigns in hand and released an emotional confirmation that real bands exist. Not muddled down in new sonic trickery, Star Power hearkens to times of house parties and undiscovered talent. The music is being created directly in the foreground and it is everything you could hope for. The soundscape covered on Star Power rests in the mid 1980's for me. Punk music slowly being refined into a full spectrum of sound.

Twelve tracks fill the grooves of this lp. The music plays tight with variations in vocals and tempo. With fast drums and shockingly quick guitar, Little Big Bangs are poised to create a headbanging punk record in the veins of Black Flag and Minor Threat. Instead, Star Power is more tempered, showing skills behind instruments and vocals. The opening track "Bang" is exemplary in defining the sound of the band. Mixed vocals, grooved out beats glued with canvasing base and biting snake head guitar riffs. Songs like "Officer" and "Leach" showcase the ability to play on the edge, diving into the water and leaping back out. "Microscope" and "Situation" coast with the foot off the gas, allowing the embers in the fire to take stage and actualizing the fact Little Big Bangs has deep skills. I was really impressed with "Car Crash", something about the melody that kept repeating in my head after it was done.

Star Power is out on lp, self released by the band itself. From South City, Saint Louis, this Missouri band is one I would like to see play live. Joe Strummer has a quote “I want to grow up with my audience. I don't expect to be getting through to the younger pop crowd. I learned that from Paul Simon.” Coming up on thirteen years after his death, I think he might have taken those words back if he could have heard bands like Little Big Bangs.

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