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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Mr. Bronson - Trans Pacific

Beats and alluring electronic soundscapes. This cassette by Mr. Bronson combines everything good about ambient rhythm delivering a solid core composition. Never too much, always forward, sometimes far into the future. Trans Pacific absorbs genres and morphs into a cassette that will not come out of the player.

Eight track on two sides, spiraling electronics and beats to match. Trans Pacific is music for late night Autobahn driving. High speed straightaways and wondrous slow burning lulls. The entire tape is a blur of night time scenery, dark and vaguely recognizable. City oasis with bright lights and geometric shapes, then returning to smooth flowing synthesizer played at any velocity.

Trans Pacific is too good to be thrown into a category. Do not even bother. Just listen and enjoy the uplifting qualities. This one is sure to rotate from side to side in the tape deck for extended listens. 100% Silk has been spinning quality releases at a steady pace. If you give Mr. Bronson's Trans Pacific some time on the speakers, there is a good chance this one will find it's way into your collection of tapes.

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