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Monday, December 7, 2015

Sheep Bella Tine - What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Exotic

Looking at our solar system in motion, but sped up where an earth year of orbital rotation was only a second. That is Sheep Bella Tine, all parts and pieces moving at varying speeds and all centered around a single core. The sound is raw and connects me with music originating from unspecified times. The music flows like a current, meanders into eddies and moves around a stable mass.

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Exotic has guitar riffs hearkening to music emanating from tents in an Arabian desert. This encampment is surrounding some lush and tropical green parcel and everything surrounded by the arid vast expanse. Royalty emerges with drum introduction and the procession moves forth.

Together, Wica on guitar and the percussionist Zacharious, heat and cool, heat and cool, like desert days and nights. Like the planets revolving around the sun, fast and slow, fast and slow. This is Sheep Bella Tine, two musicians revolving like electrons around the nucleus of an atom. The music tethers itself to simplicity and grandeur all at once. The sound is rooted in the physical world, naturally delivered into listeners ears.

This tape is out in an edition of one hundred on Meliphonic Records. Cryptically beautiful like all of the releases on the label. Excellent music for viewing clear night skies filled with stars while the fire is burned down to glowing embers. The sounds will fill the air then dissipate, allowing time for contemplation of how fascinating the world is.

Sheep Bella Tine - bandcamp
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