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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Dictaphone - Tp Hss

My mind is washed with an assault of really crushing rhythm. The Dictaphone has no boundaries. This music exists in a fluid environment. If you think you can pin it down into one genre, than Tp Hss has overwhelmed you and struggling to comprehend is all that is left.

This cassette times in well over half an hour and spans ten blistering tracks. The sound is wildly electric and raw. There is a vintage quality to Tp Hss reminding me of music from the early eighties. Punk meets new wave, then time warps into the future. Dropping decades of baggage and slipping by the category taggers, The Dictaphone delivers sound gleaming with understanding. This knowledge is simply how to make music, both diverse and cohesive, and really enjoyable to listen to.

Blending strings, percussion and an almost Hasil Adkins approach to vocals, Tp Hss sounds brawny. The music is cool, like a live band wrecking the instruments with deft skills, while you stand mouth agape in awe. That is what i wrote to Santa asking for Christmas, to see The Dictaphone live. This music absolutely has the power to make your fingers tap and your body synchronize with the rhythms being handed over. You will want to keep this on hand to break free of drone and ambient vapor lock.

Out just last month on Crudités Tapes the sister label to SDZ Records. This was released in a run of one hundred and is available from the label now. Genuinely a great composition and worth infinite listens.

Crudités Tapes site
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