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Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Wake A Week - Twelve Days

A world of minimalism and beauty. Delicate sounds heralded through a thick and almost motionless canvas. Simultaneously inducing sleep for the body and an almost willow wisp light for the mind. Twelve Days hangs in the fibers of your consciousness holding together the real and surreal moments in exsistance.

A Wake A Week is David Dando-Moore. Extremely well versed, he has created this composition where beauty is underpinned with trepidation. The fully rich soothing drone environment has been greeted by beautiful piano notes. More times than not these keyed tones live in the minor world. This creates the juxtaposition of both a calming aural experience undermined by a foreboding fear. The balance sounds fragile. Like a slowly turning sparkling piece of glass just outside the track of a giant pendulum. The beauty of the moment is always in peril as the massive bob approaches the exquisite artifact resting just to the edge of the equilibrium position.

This is the third release for Still Heat Recordings. This one opens up the reaches Still Heat has set with their first to outputs. Twelve Days is almost an opposite listing experience, moving into a dream like place, completely apart from where Carthage and The Temple have taken us. Crafted in a run of fifty on some pretty cool shimmering green cassette shells. Still Heat and A Wake A Week have captivated me!

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