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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Arvo Zylo - Upheaval

Even though there are tracks on Upheaval by Arvo Zylo, this sounds on this cassette reside in a world incongruous with anything known to man.  Make seven separations or versions or what ever you want to call them and plug you brain into this... Nothing will matter by the end. Upheaval will leave your mind wiped of that bad day you had. That is for sure.

I have listened to a good amount of industrial music through the years. Arvo Zylo can walk in stride with any band i have heard, most likely set the pace. Upheaval exists in an unforgiving world of mechanized subjugation. Noises for reprogramming man and machine. The sounds are beautiful at the times before the perforation of your brain is complete and the remaining "versions" take the place of any thoughts you had. Take a look at the cover of this cassette. That's not artwork... Just a real picture.

I am not surprised at this point from Tymbal Tapes. Curating music and noise from minds alien of man. They must have a galactic sign post somewhere with instructions to send compositions to earth.
Beautifully put together from cassette all the way to the wicked artwork. Most people know because there are only four out of fifty of these left.

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