Monday, January 4, 2016

Blank Thomas - 405 Skies

It is difficult to get much more subdued than 405 Skies without melting away into drone. Almost spooky but never scary. Blank Thomas has composed a minimal beat world akin to machinery working beyond time. The noise generated by these moving parts is so old, nothing clamors loudly anymore. Gentle and eroded, like the Appalachian mountains, not grandiose but sweet and splendid.

405 Skies is near a half hour of music to get lost in. The conditions change throughout the four tracks, but the environment remains constant. The rhythm of the cassette is magnetically imprinted on the tape like an apparition. When listening closely these beats are fleeting, but while you are occupied with some task, the patterned pulses drift back into the sound spectrum. The balance is really nice never leaving you wanting for either the ethereal or the embroilment of rumblings. Blake Butler (Blank Thomas) has expertise in knowing how to make beautiful music. His crafting drifts from start to finish, then repeats seamlessly.

This is the last release for 2015 for the Columbia, Missouri label Dismal Niche Tapes. All of their releases last year were exceptional and this tape DN017 finishes the year on par. Probably at least fifty of these so there will be some available.   

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