Quickly Sold Out

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Braeyden Jae - Botched Communion

Cathedral organ faintly is heard in the beginning of this sonic landscape. Waves of feedback rush in, smothering these possible sacred events. Two pieces of sound, distinctly different, come together at times making harmony.

Botched Communion is really a good title for this composition by Braeyden Jae. I would have loved to have heard this as the background music for all of the Catholic masses i attended growing up. The sounds for the high organ are toyed with by ambient wooly notes of mayhem. Staying in sync with each other long enough to believe the cathedral is finally having its say. Very well balanced duality of the expected an unexpected. The final result of Braeyden Jae's composition is the creation of sonic perspective slow and trance like, with the ability to hear electricity arching through. Never chaotic, more pleasantly alluring and relaxing with a high energy coil at you side.

This was released in October of 2015 by A Giant Fern. Number thirty seven for the label and i think the first time Braeyden Jae and A Giant Fern have worked together. Timing in at over twenty minutes and consisting of two side long tracks, this adds to Braeyden's busy output of music for 2015. Many of his releases are sold out, but there are still a few of these remaining at A Giant Fern.

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