Quickly Sold Out

Sunday, January 17, 2016

bran(...)pos - Prickers & Peckers

Prickers & Peckers exist deep within the switches of the circuit board. Divided into three cassettes, this massive compilation leaves conventionality on some other planet. Within this trio of spools a completely alien world unfolds. One race on one tape, the other on the other and finally both species together for the third.

Jake Rodriguez is the mind behind this sound architecture. He has spit his subject matter into Prickers (insects), Peckers (chickens) and lastly both insects and chickens combined. Listening to this box set has pushed my threshold to extremes. Katydid like sounds fill the first tape. An almost environmental recording of the world of nature that has just consumed hundreds of acres of coffee beans. Turning these lulling insect like noises into a perching terror. The second side of the Prickers cassette releases the swarm. These menacing noises are searching for ears to burrow into.

Peckers pretty much is deviant sonic meltdown with a happy chicken name. Here the sounds are so foreign, making the first cassette seem somewhat tame. I guess there is some clucking going on, but nothing like i have ever heard. Much more mechanical and android like. The environment becomes entirely not friendly on side two. There was a movie back in 1988 that would help realize how Peckers thrives. I will just change the name to Killer Chickens from Outer Space and that would give you the idea.

The third cassette returns to some semblance with an almost drone like background. The sounds are more courtly. Conglomerating both Pickers & Peckers together and the noises from the rituals that ensue. If you have felt out of place through the first two thirds of the box of tapes, you finally have solace. Pretty sweet tape three.

This brings me to my thoughts on all of these sounds and the process of disclosure. I think  bran(...)pos has used this medium to better associate humanity with the sounds of aliens existing outside of our current knowledge. Just a little familiarizing input for when the world gains the facts of extraterrestrial existence and the new noises we will hear. Maybe we will not be so afraid if everyone listens to Pickers & Peckers. Everything ends on beautiful high notes as depicted here on this box set.

Fifty copies of this were allowed out. If you go to the Tymbal Tapes bandcamp page, there are seven left as i write this. Do not be afraid, arm yourself with knowledge and get the set.

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