Sunday, January 24, 2016

C V L T S - A U D I A L / S

As you leave your body, many future adventures await your consciousness. In those journeys you may come across a place where the bodhisattvas are in between helping others and are hanging out in the break plane. A U D I A L / S will be playing in the background. Things will be cool like the music.

C V L T S has been around from what looks like 2010. I have listened to samples of some of their releases but this is my first proper C V L T S cassette. I should have paid more attention or listened with more intent.
A U D I A L / S is adeptly composed creating an utterly unique listening experience. Very difficult to place a tag or genre on this tape. This is what makes it outstanding.

This music almost sounds like movie short vignettes left alone for a thousand years and this is their evolution. Most of the tracks are shorter in length averaging around two minutes. The diversity is tremendous, but stays tight to the same feel for the entire play. From samples, beats, strings and synthesizer C V L T S has mastered the architecture of alluring sounds and delivered a sweet sounding tape. I have listened to
A U D I A L / S a number of times and still can not find my bearings for relating this to other efforts. When you hear something that sounds like nothing else, it is time to take notice. The best part about A U D I A L / S is how simply graceful the music is. Always resting just on the edge of the bewitchment.

This fine cassette is a product of Beer On The Rug. This label has been making some cool music since 2011. A very wide array of sounds, with most releases sold out. A U D I A L / S is in a run of ninety nine and has three options for tape themes. The one i have pictures is Green Silk if i am not mistaken. You can purchase this from Beer On The Rug, they just became available. Also just up on the sight from Josh at Tomentosa. I do not think these will be around that long. This is the third release on Beer On The Rug for C V L T S with the other two being sold out and neither currently for sale on discogs.

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