Quickly Sold Out

Saturday, January 9, 2016

former_airline - Ice / Silence / Death

As civilization becomes more and more conglomerated, the patterns it creates or the chaos that is caused can be heard. Masaki Kubo as former_airline has harnessed the noises the world emanates, cultivated them and delivers their grandeur to our ears.

Six tracks crossing from an industrial world of destruction and assembly to a plateau of wind swept grass sparkling in the suns rays. Swiftly rushing down again to man's minions of development, the digital code, electricity, processes and communications. Patterns are sometimes hidden in this cacophony of sound. Ice / Silence / Death is the medium to bring them to your ears. The second to last track "Don't Destroy, She Said" is the embodiment of post industrial music of the eighties. Ice / Silence / Death leaves the spool empty with music being vaporized and all sound fluctuating out of existence. Alone and not damaged by technological advances or failures, former_airline is the conduit and this cassette brings the sparks.

A Giant Fern released this in the end of 2015. Number forty for the label which says a lot. Not sure how many of these were made. They are available now from A Giant Fern. These are fascinating variegated sounds from a man made world. Very cool cooperative between A Giant Fern and former_airline to get this one on cassette.

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