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Sunday, January 17, 2016

IXTAB - Voice​-​Hand

IXTAB knows how to get a good tape rolling with the first track titled "War". For some reason i started thinking about Time Zone "World Destruction". Not sure why other than Voice-Hand had that start of capturing importance. Maybe its the Afrika Bambaata like underlying beat that leaves no room for anything else.

 The snakes on the cover of this cassette are so true to the sounds. This is a bad ass romp through the world of percussion. All of the tracks bite and some don't let go. Perfectly dialed in rhythms with touches of sampled noise creating an almost illustrated feeling to the beat. Your head is going to ring after listening to this loud and this is the only applicable decibel setting by the way.

Consistently delivers rhythm in all forms. All lengthy, averaging well over five minutes for nine beat attacks. One track titled appropriately "Down" stands as the only song without the use of rhythm. IXTAB wields a power few are allowed. Taking the dynamic noises of civilizations surroundings and composing their essence for our listening enjoyment.

Tymbal Tapes released this in December of 2015. Being one of the blazing labels of 2015, Voice-Hand is becoming music for the labels strut through the year! Because this is really good, there are only five left on the bandcamp page....

Tymbal Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp