Saturday, January 9, 2016

Leaaves - Forest Words

Sound flowing backwards in time. Fixed in a stationary position, the journey moves past your aural receptors. Speech reaches your cortex, but it is difficult to decipher. This flow of reverse sound fluctuates and surges and then is new again.

Nate Wagner is Leaaves. He has created a complex world of ambient environmental pieces. Each track maintains proximity in style to each other. This creates a listening experience of an almost trackless composition. Songs are uniquely captivating though. Tone patterns, the use of voice all add to a maturity in constitution for Forest Words. The entire listen makes me think of drone in a slow backward drift. The notes come together with a soft to loud pattern. Also it could be described as music being played deep underwater. The third track "Deleuze" exemplifies this. Thick and heavy.
Forest Words will keep you grounded and melt your consciousness back into the earth.

This is the thirty ninth release for A Giant Fern. Recorded late in 2015 and released in a run of fifty. If you like a little weighty meditative slab of sounds, Leaaves has created your medium with Forest Words. 

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