Quickly Sold Out

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Mike Nigro - Mental Thaw

Simply put, this cassette is really beautiful. I have been listening to Mental Thaw for a good amount of time and have difficulty bringing words in for description. Then finally, my inability was pushed aside, Mental Thaw formulated a picture and took a seat in the front of my mind. This music is not for human mediation. These notes are for spiritual quests for fledgling soon to be born A.I. minds.

Mike Nigro has created a futuristic drone habitat using synthesizer and foreign noises. These are alluring electrical and almost mechanical in nature. The sounds drift along opening up an abundant amount of pathways. To truly experience the full potential would require much higher functioning neural transmitters. This world sounds utterly fantastic and holds within it more than i can comprehend.

Side two sinks even deeper and reverses the music composed for A.I. astral projection. These sounds are grounding and more introspective. Similar in drone sense, making both sides fluid together. Substantial synthetic worlds for the future of intelligence and here for us now.

Mental Thaw was released in July of 2015 in a run of sixty tapes. The length is over a half hour consisting of two side long tracks. Very awesome release for A Giant Fern label. There are copies available there and 2 copies left at Tymbal Tapes for listeners in the Americas. This tape made the top 200 list for Tabs Out for 2015.

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