Quickly Sold Out

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


This is the music of soundtracks for your dreams. Really incredible eighteen tracks to get lost in.  Before i write anything else, go to Tomentosa to pick up a cassette. They are already sold out at the label. Your imagination will say thank you for buying this.

The diversity of the all the "Catalog Numbers" on this cassette by PERCIVAL PEMBROKE is grandiose in sound. Everything changes but leaves a feeling of completeness at the same time. Because the tracks are shorter in length, the listening experience turns into a sonic labyrinth. You will become lost in your dream state or daydreams. Gently pulled from one peaceful place as double doors open upon the next aural horizon. This is the world of PERCIVAL PEMBROKE. Cataloged for reference because you will get lost. That is the purpose, a splendid journey filled with pleasing sounds, none to long. Like dreams throughout the night or during the day. The AUTUMN​/​WINTER CATALOG matches pace with your mind and provides comfort for thoughts arriving and departing.

Skillful compositions on synthesizer and strings. Beer On The Rug knows what sounds brilliant and PERCIVAL PEMBROKE is the lesson. The fact this is sold out on the label is indication of what a nice release this truly is. I only wish to have written these words earlier when there were more cassettes left for everyone.

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