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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Ropal Jagnu - Silo

Sounds for an animated assembly line. Alien noises mixed with rhythmic production. The music continues delivering a short and concise open doorway into the mind of Ropal Jagnu.

Monsters are making noises in this factory. They have found the tools and pound way on small devices for planetary conquest. The sounds are paralyzing. Like giant footsteps moving closer while unleashing plasma from the electro-slice-ripper. That is only side one.... Ripple on the flip is a little quicker paced, causing chaos in the speaker cones. The production facility is in overdrive and has a quota to reach. Data is being processed and systems beep and bleep with carnage for future planets.

Ultimately so hard to categorize Silo. Two ten minute tracks, one on each side. OJC Recordings has gone deep to unearth these sounds from their resting place. This is in a run of twenty five and is available now from OJC.

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