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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sabbatical - Sundown

Sometimes you are presented with music that resonates to the core of your consciousness. Sundown is a beautiful vinyl release by Sabbatical and this is a exquisite example of one of those sometimes. A pleasing composition that rests in sonic scenery where words are out of place. Melodies melt through yours ears and time disappears on this aural journey.

Sabbatical's tonal choices for Sundown are truly amazing. The entire album rests in the lullaby world of softly stating itself. Almost as if the wind were playing the instruments, gentle and at the same time always illusive and unpredictable.

As Sundown reveals it's melodic subtle beauty, your imagination will thrive within the well composed pieces. An epic soundtrack to the grandeur of the natural world, here on earth and beyond. Like watching thick fog roll off a flowing river in the first few rays of the morning sun. To a lonely comet hurling through it's endless orbit around the solar system. The music of Sundown is always moving forward. Never dormant, rather tranquil at high vibrations. Music spirit guides listen to as the preform there tasks throughout existence.

In the descriptive notes accompanying the album, Sundown was produced with a "large array of instruments". Starting with the records stately white jacket and almost faded grey font, the winter storm has blanketed the variations of sound. The differences in instrumentation can be heard through the softly falling snow, with the settling heaviness acculturating the variations into a frosted timbre. The effects are a pastoral wonderland where white covers everything. The beauty is so very temporary. As the album ends or the snow melts, longing for this scenic soundscape will ensue.

Playing Sundown again grants the listener the ability to hear deeper into the milky haze. Seasoned ears are always best to hear tactful wisdom selectively playing music in it's own space and time. The tempo used by Sabbatical is indication of the honed understanding of sound and effect. Looking down into the ice covered river, brushing some snow away from the frozen surface, you can faintly see and almost hear the current flowing beneath. Sabbatical has recreated a moment of natural beauty like this, but it takes both artist and listener together to understand.

The best sounds seem to find the best methods to surface into the world. Sabbatical found the label Love All Day or the label found them. Either way, this is now the tenth release for Love All Day. Each preceding release shares the same exquisiteness as Sundown. From the heavy letter pressed jacket, the thick poly inner sleeve, and the weighty black vinyl, Love All Day understands the necessity of balancing the beauty of the artists composition with a supporting medium of conveyance. This will resonate with only three hundred and then be gone.

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