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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Stephen's Lorikeet - Modern Day Dandy

Upon the first listen, there is music i can not even imagine writing about. Modern Day Dandy is one of those beguiling compositions. This is so lo-fi and minimal. It is almost like Stephen's Lorikeet went to a thrift store and found and old tape recorder, covered up the tabs on a eighties cassette, grabbed any string instrument and made the recording right there. Then, putting everything back, paying for the twenty five cent cassette (that is how much they cost now in Florida), went on home and there is Modern Day Dandy.

Slow guitar melodies played in mysterious tuning through a tiny electric amplifier. There are some vocals, samples and special effects. Modern Day Dandy has eleven twisted tracks, guitar notes played in a pitch that works through your brain. If you are ready to re-tune your thought pattern, Stephen's Lorikeet can help you achieve your goal. It is like blues music in temporal distortion, Lightning Hopkins in another dimension.

Twenty five cassettes are out there and can be purchased straight from OJC Recordings.

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