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Sunday, January 3, 2016

String Noise - The Book of Strange Positions

Writing about music that is created by people with experience and talent is always daunting. They know so much more than what can be said in a few paragraphs. How can this wisdom be conveyed in a short post on a blog? You are really need to give this cassette a listen, pretty incredible.

The Book of Strange Positions is a composition by Eric Lyon and written for the husband / wife duo, Conrad Harris and Pauline Kim Harris. In this context they are String Noise. Eric's composition for them was done between 2009 and 2011 and is based on punk rock songs written for a violin duo.

The subtleties of the violin are expressed in incredibly well recorded means on this cassette. An instrument of such beauty and ability to produce sonic euphoria, also has a Mr. Hyde unleashing himself to the world. Fun and playful recreations of the Violent Femmes "Gone Daddy Gone" and Bad Brains "Don't Need It" for example are amicable listening endeavors. While tracks like " The Book of Strange Positions" and especially "Two Kinds of Noise" push this violin duo into deep fathoms of unexplored sounds.

As far as being punk rock, this pretty much is what it is all about. If any one argues different, watch the Minutemen documentary "We Jam Econo". They were booed off the stage a few time for not being punk rock. Like String Noise, you can't get much more punk than making music that pushes the threshold of what listeners are familiar with. Would have been nice to see a Minutemen violin song on this cassette!

This cassette is brought to the world by the adept label Northern Spy Records. Released at the end of November. If you want well composed, well played, professionally produced, beautifully packaged and formatted for your tape player, Northern Spy has copies available. Here is another good read from Tiny Mix Tapes to keep your interest going.

String Noise: The Book of Strange Positions [Official Album EPK] from String Noise on Vimeo.
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