Monday, January 11, 2016

SULCUS - Peripheral Biohardware Junkyards

This cassette is monumental. Almost an hour and a half of music that has time to go everywhere. From weird ocean cave cult worshiping to rhythm and grooved out rock. Peripheral Biohardware Junkyards is its own universe. Slow drifting guitar with droned out background, sampled voices, to ambient landscapes of serenity as well as despair.

SULCUS is transmitting their sound from the future back to the past. Collections of everything past to present and yet to come have been grafted together making an opus of sounds handed back from time. Mysterious would be the best single word description for Peripheral Biohardware Junkyards. From their diagram of some android like being on the tape cover to their website the only sense comes from portions of these spools slowing down long enough to hear a resting place. I have listened to the cassette a bunch of times now and have still not found my bearings within their sonic offerings. I am going to continue to listen, and listen. With the size and scope of Peripheral Biohardware Junkyards, this will rank up there with two of my favorite albums Bongwater - Double Bummer and Tonstartssbandht - Overseas.

Released on their own UFORAK SIGNALS labal in a run of thirty three copies. Tapes are available at the SULCUS bandcamp page. This one was released in mid October of 2015. Looks like 2016 will continue to mystify the globe with STOCHASTIX DEPLOYMENT12 I am not going to run amuck on end of the year lists, but situations like this are a good reason not to have one. I am listening to this the first time in the start of 2016, and if i did have a end of year list, i would feel bad it was not on there. There is only so much room for really listening to music. What eventually comes across our ears does so in it's own time. Excellent cassette. If you are reading this you should order one.

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