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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Trevor Ransom - Glimpses EP

Just outside of civilization, the pastoral world  moves in both glacial and violent arrays. Capturing this in sound is an accomplishment Trevor Ransom has achieved on this release titled Glimpses. Beauty is the key ingredient to Trevor's portrayal of the world he channels. Bringing this forth through delicate piano keys or layered beats and samples, provides a soundtrack for any string of moments we choose to be an obserever for.

Gimpses is hardly an EP in the modern world of cassettes. Six tracks timing in just under half an hour is on the fat side of many tapes. The feeling the listen evokes for me is a charged sonic soundscape similar to a night sky deep with stars and a storm of meteoroids punching through the earth's atmosphere. Natural beauty enhanced with spectacular activity. Glimpses is this in composition. Trevor has some very nice skills at balancing ambient canvas with sound stitches binding the journey to our consciousness. The diversity is cascading over throughout all six tracks and never moves away from the singular vision of elegance being depicted in aural form.

 Glimpses was released in late October of last year in a run of one hundred and fifty. Super professionally done with Stefan Betke mastering. Copies are available at Trevor's bandcamp page. The winter like appearance of the artwork might connect with listeners now and these sounds will work well for the gaseous envelope surrounding us.

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