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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Vales - Pressure

This is your heavy for an ambient environment devoted to shuddersome suspense and and a dire world of notes. Pressure is exactly that, intensity slowly building from the moment play is pressed. Contrasting recordings on either side of the cassette, both taken to the extremes in their own climates.

From reading, Dave Doyen is Vales and he has offered up two different recording venues on Pressure. The first side was recorded in a home studio while the second was a live recording at the Silent Barn in Brooklyn. Both are pretty intense in their own way, although the second half of the live side mellows into ambient serenity, Dave Doyen's way.

The entire cassette crosses thick territory for sound. This is the first time i have heard coughing as a sample. Combing this with eerie synthesizer and an almost hear beat like rhythm makes it a little hair-raising for me. That is just the first side. Side B moves away from the menacing tones of human existence and delves into a more industrialized hallucination. Neither side is chaotic or flat out noise, rather well composed environments with a weighty feel.

An October 2015 release for A Giant Fern. Well over a half our of sounds divided into two long sides. Sixty of these stark white beauties were churned out of the operating room. Available at A Giant Fern and also Tymbal Tapes for those residing in the United States of America (there is only one as i write this at Tymbal Tapes)

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