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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Yves Malone - Golden Twilight of the Black Sun

Synthesizer played with one hand in the present and the other through a small temporal porthole reaching back through time into the eighties. Powerful and driving tracks with even cooler names like "Hells Throne", "Crushing the Righteous Underfoot" and "A Glow, Ripped from the Sky".

Meditative music for worshipers of the planets core. These tunes ooze out thick molten synthesizer not relinquishing at all for rest or retreat. Yves Malone only begins to slow down in the last few minutes of the cassette. With so much energy put into pace, and the ominous tones throughout, the entire tape is never tense. Everything is peaking, but only touching the red line, providing a pleasant and chilled out journey all the way through. Golden Twilight of the Black Sun is the cool soundtrack from the eighties any movie company would have relished to use. The parody is interesting because Yves Malone has composed music sounding futuristic in the present.

Golden Twilight of the Black Sun entered the world in the middle of the summer in 2015. A Giant Fern is the label, so the quality is excellent as always. This tape made the top 200 list for Tabs Out for 2015. There are copies available at A Giant Fern and four copies for purchase at Tymbal Tapes as this is being written.

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