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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bean Snack - Crispy Duct

Like a stylus on a record player slowly collecting dust from the grooves, eventually the debris ball becomes so big the needle begins to glide over the playing surface. Been Snack seems to skate the slick topography and then dig in. The sounds produced are electronic creation of funky vignettes and 2020 robot Confucianism.

Crispy Duct is tempting like every takee outee restaurant in every grocery plaza around the nation. So fast, inexpensive and hot. Like the ample amount of torched sesame oil that will mix with your blood, Bean Snack provides this in audible form. A delicious but sickening amount of audio overload. This composition is full and drips over the sides. Buddhas vegetable delight so pumped full of MSG (don't believe the cover), a coma is the rest you will take after one listen. Drift with Crispy Duct and and your brainwaves will flatten out. Sound comes in all forms across the styrofoam static canvas. Close to an hour of crinkle cut notes, feedback and swirling speech, all finding their pathways for wiggling into your consciousness. The best part, this is a buffet of a cassette flipping countless times. Becoming lost in Bean Snack's world of sodium laden fermented tunes that permeate from physical existence.

You can order a copy of this to take home from Bob Bucko Jr's Personal Archives label. They rolled these up in an edition of fifty. Crispy Duct gets such an awesome texture with repeated listens. Be aware, your audio digestion will need this time in order to fully absorb all of the nutrients.

Personal Archives site -  bandcamp