Saturday, February 20, 2016

California Bungalows - Synthetic Breeze EP

Music finds methods of entering into your head. What you sometimes expect to be good only delivers the hollow echo of the motions of sound. Other times, you thoughts are caught beginning to wonder how good this music really is. California Bungalows is one of the more infrequent other times for me. The first time listening through this, i did not want it to end and wanted to remove EP from the Synthetic Breeze title.

Four tracks of simply pure and playful sounds. The beats and jangley guitar riffs are soundscapes for cool sunny days that just seem to get better and better. Synthesizer played on a handlebar keyboard while peddling through vintage neighborhoods. Golden rays dancing on surfaces, as they find pathways through the immense trees. There is no party happening later because you are in it now.
Enjoying life and digging the Synthetic Breeze.

Just like this post, this tape by California Bungalows is short and sweet. Never Anything Records has keen senses for hearing beyond the dimensions. Through some gravitational singularity instruments used by the label pull form the world only they have discovered. High five for their quinary release. Fifty of these released in January of this year.

Never Anything Records site - bandcamp - facebook 
California Bungalows - facebook