Saturday, February 20, 2016

Coin Locker Kid - Discordia

This tape in this cassette was let out around the world, trampled on, weathered, forgotten, then wound back. A lot stuck to it and there is much to hear. Coin Locker Kid has composed an anthem to the sound bouncing in consciousness. This could be a world of discord as the title suggest, but more of curated adventure through sonic spaces and recorded voice.

When you record sixteen tracks over forty five minutes in length, there is time to explore the magical noises so often ignored. This music takes you through both familiar and mysterious worlds were music, song, beats, vintage speech seem to sometimes connect and spark then short out. As the songs progress through Discordia, your ears will seem to warp with the incoming tunes. Coin Locker Kid has a message, envelope you to almost cause a fall, but with music so thick your mind will remained balanced. Like a wing with molecules rushing to either side, the smooth curve with how each of us plow in to new music will allow lift and understanding as we begin to hear above. This is not achieved without some crash and burns and this cassette will push you into haze. There really is too much to describe or label into one genre. Like i said in the start, fly paper laid out around the globe collecting everything, wound up and processed by Coin Locker Kid. When the sound gets so big there is a flinching reaction to shelter yourself. The first time through i kind of flinched. The second time i listened to the cassette, mind mind floated higher and i could hear us becoming friends. There are two consecutive songs in the middle of this tape that get pretty simple compared to everything else. "As special as you are, you're not as special as you think" and "Body over there". They are both really, really good and shine the light on how talented Coin Locker Kid really is.  

This one is delivered to the world in an edition of fifty from Never Anything Records. Per standard now of the label, another incredible piece from an artist unable to been seen in this landscape. Get this from the Never Anything bandcamp page and let it grow in your tape player.

Never Anything Records site - bandcamp - facebook 
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