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Sunday, February 21, 2016

GRØN - Indland

GRØN lives in a world of exploring the most fragile sounds. Mending crumbling notes, not just recreating them, but to add new lifeblood, always making them more. The beauty is how much feeling is imparted in this process. With each GRØN release i have listened to, my heart looks forward to the deep connection awaiting me. Indland is remarkable and conveys the allurement I have come to relate with all releases by GRØN.

This cassette is two side long pieces, balanced and blending seamlessly into each other. Bjarke Rasmussen is the solo artist composing these sentimental soundscapes. They are dreamlike field recordings from Bjarke's home in Denmark. These samples from the environment are only the contour of the sound to come. The artistry of GRØN is the ability to take transparency and make it so much more. In this process though, so little is added. This allows the sound to be clear. Like a freshwater spring in the earth, the depths are visible and beautiful as well as the sun sparkling on the waters surface. This could be labeled as ambient or drone, but is more sublime than words can describe. I gave it a go though!

There are one hundred of these tapes waiting to connect with listeners. You can purchase a copy from the Italian label Yerevan Tapes. This label has picked up speed and has some excellent releases worth listening to. I purchased my copy of Indland from Josh at Tomentosa. There are still copies available at his store as well. 

Yerevan Tapes site bandcamp - facebook