Quickly Sold Out

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Tereshkova - Golden Tomgirl

Tereshkova sounds like the indescribable colors in a long burning fire. The pace and richness of this tape have been gently roasted and exude the chilled out feelings obtained when your mind is finally at ease. Golden Tomgirl is vintage music from aging photographs, showing faces of stoicism, happiness and thinking. We listen and wonder, who are those people and even more amazingly we are related.

There are some pretty good ties to somewhat of traditional song lengths, half an hour of tunes spread over ten tracks. The songs themselves seem to slowly fly away as you listen. Sometimes you can hear recognizable connections to particular genres, but this is difficult to discern as the gentle motions of the beats drift upwards and out of recognition. The beauty of Tereshkova's sound is subtle and must be stepped in sync with in order to truly enjoy. Like the long burning fire, it does not get that seasoned in a short amount of time. Golden Tomgirl requires the same treatment. These songs will fill your head with the cleansing smokey sage and clear out unwanted feelings. Slow beats and ancient synthesizer sets the stage for vocals coming through an electric vapor no one knew existed. Tereshkova has set stage somewhere in this nebula and is emitting consciousness in the form of music. We train our ears to this location and can here the alluring beauty that is Golden Tomgirl.

This is one of four tapes in the January 2016 batch from Never Anything Records. Their facebook page URL and the title of this artist might be indication of the relation Tereshkova has to Never Anything Records. Very apropos to the music the label curates. Dazzling sounds that can be heard but always out of reach or perception. That is the true uniqueness of the label in recording artist flickering in a different spectrum of sound waves. Golden Tomgirl gleams with the same radiation as the rest of the labels releases.

Never Anything Records site - bandcamp - facebook