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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Various Artists - Some Of The Missing Ones Festival

Marvelous music filling my mind. This cassette starts off with a sweet bluesy tone and never ceases to bear timeless delicacy. An hour and a half of live music recorded at the La Datcha in Lausanne, Switzerland during Some of the Missing Ones Festival. Various artists fill these spools and the entire event sounds quite spectacular from these well curated tracks compiled by Hummus Records.

Stripped down folk music. Old timey sounds blended and brought to a modern pitch. Strings brushing the middle east. Vocals in so many shapes and tones. Touches of raw synthesizer and beats all eminating from talented muscians enjoying their craft. Guitar, banjo, electronics and mysterious toungues are just a quick pre-hear to what is in store for anyone who takes time to explore this tape. All sparkling melodies and lyrics ready to capture your minds thoughts. The variation among the music is immense. Compositions held together with a slowly swirling intensity. Somehow deftly polished and preformed live and raw. Each of the tracks sound so familiar, like you have been listening to this cassette for many years.

Describing a various artist tape much less a live recording is a hardy task. Here is quick comparison of a few of the artists for the amusement of anyone reading this and future exploration in music history. Track four by Philippe Henchoz titled "Body Language" reminded me of the Scud Mountain Boys, their stuff from the "The Early Years" release. Following this, the next track by Louis Schild & Antoine Lang titled "Wit of the Staircase 1 & 2", made me think of the artist Dan DelSanto. Track number nine by Danae Leitenberg titled "Exile" has a John Jacob Niles feel for me. One more comparison, track number fourteen titled "Harpe" by Far Away has a little Mississippi John Hurt tone and vibe to it. These are just a few connections to help understand the vibe of these live recordings. There is so much more, and everything is from start to finish is absolutely solid.

This one is out on Hummus Records from La Chaux De Fonds, Switzerland. A cool label that compiled these live recordings in a "Limited Tape" around mid November of last year. Not sure how many of these were made. I am currently sure these tapes are available from their bandcamp page, as this is being posted. If you want music to keep your ears interested and have no intentions of changing tapes for a while, this Hummus Records cassette will be a perfect choice.

Hummus Records site - facebook - bandcamp - soundcloud - youtube