Quickly Sold Out


Saturday, March 12, 2016

Channelers - Essex

These sounds have limited or almost no attachment to earthly constraints. Made in tones defying gravity or just so light their molecules only gently move upward. Channelers hovers in patterns, almost motionless, heat radiating from the core, causing small fluctuations to stand out. This cassette titled Essex is the second on the Inner Islands label, the other, only a year old and sold out in physical form.

Six tracks timing in at almost forty minutes, Essex has the content to float your consciousness far from the body. Soothing synthetic currents move deep in the river's flow of sound, while sparkling notes swirl and turn like eddies on the aural surface. The background of tranquilizing undertones take hold of your body inducing parallelization. The willow wisps of sound in the foreground pull your interested mind along. This duality in approach to composition causes the recline of your physical self and triggers thoughts and introspection. This is some good stuff!

Yes, this is a perfect Inner Islands release. There are one hundred of these produced. They will sell out, so there is the same question again. With so much good music out there, the sampling we do has to resonate at higher vibrations. Hopefully reading words in the form of descriptions will help, but i find taking a second listen at a different time, is the biggest ally in discovering music that works for me. If you listen to Essex at the right time, it will find a home.

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