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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Deceit - Passing of the Slough

In a world where sound has no limits or constraints, one note played goes on and on, creating a solemn field of noise. A guitar is struck and reverberates through an amplifier. This wall of sound engulfs the environment around it and travels forth. Like sharks in the sea these mighty surges of feedback gobble up the peacefulness surrounding their existence.

Deceit has taken this desolate domain of ambient noise in a decaying world of drone, then battered it's constitution with god like toll. Passing of the Slough breathes feedback and static melodies. Creating a horror show of sound, both in how tightly wound these tracks are, exploding from almost serene moments and also in track names like "Blood Chamber" and "Prison of Flesh".

Far from spaced out music for pondering how the suns rays sparkle on the Earth's surface. Deceit has forged music from molecules so pressured together, they swallow up your thoughts and mire you in the slough. There is no escape, just remember to breath slowly and you will not sink as fast.

This is the first release from Spear Gored Records. Listen to Deceit and fill with wrath like Phlegyas. Pass through this Slough then listen again. Resentfulness returned to can be comforting, because the elements used for anguish were contrived for only you. 

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