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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

E Jugend - History Works

Cascading water, wind whipping around drooping palms, E Jugend plays like this, with a dense flow of musical current. Touching all sound genres like kids playing duck duck goose. There is a classic playfulness to History Works and this surfaces immediately, remaining present the length of the recording.

The instruments seem to vary tremendously as the record plays though. Guitar, base, violin, drums, keyboards and even some sampling. Everything with delicate touches when needed and pushed tiny bits when wanted. These tracks play like snack time for the mind. Going in every direction, but not so far as not to be able to hear the source anymore. History Works binds itself to a core making the album an extraordinary composition of works.

If you need sounds to push the thresholds of conventional music but still want to hear melodies and good composition, E Jugend can drive the needle for you. This batch of Cosmic Winnetou releases with black jackets and glued on information remind me of old Folkways records. This E Jugend lp especially with the tremendous approach in diversity of music, even starts to sound like a lost Folkways record. Maybe one day someone will find one of these at a thrift store and be absolutely blown away!

There is an album i listened to all of the time and History Works reminded me a little of it. This is the Books "Lost and Safe". But as soon as i wrote this the music changed and i thought of Amps for Christ "The Oak in the Ashes". I do not know if these comparisons help, because E Jugend has crafted an album i might one day use a basis for comparing other works to. There is a beauty to the diversity, sparsity and timing of this record that will captivate me for years to come.

Out on the newest batch from Cosmic Winnetou out of Germany. One of three in the first of the labels venture to the vinyl format. Excellent timing to explore records on all three of these releases. They are all deserving. Released in a run of one hundred. Sold out from the label in only a few weeks. Josh hopefully will have some copies at Tomentosa. Keep a watch.

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