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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

softest - six wishes

Some music is grandiosely beautiful like Henry Purcell's "Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary" and other music is simply beautiful like this cassette by softest titled "six wishes". I have listened to the entire tape multiple times through, and am continually encouraged by how humble and thoughtful these tracks are. Ambient, drone or what ever you want to classify it as, six wishes moves splendidly through and imparts tones of veiled beauty.

Braden McKenna, the musician behind softest, has dialed down his other projects fuzzed out sounds of fusing consciousness and environment. His activity as "softest" tunes into an ethereal world of wishes. These tracks coincide with synthetic breezes and gentle beats of rain in the early morning. The tones connect through the cerebral, urging the mind through and out of the body. Drone like synthesizer patterns overlaid with sublime notes. Never overdone or asking for too much attention. Rather appealingly distant and moving in your direction. Capturing thoughts and and then drifting away. Like clouds parting way for the suns rays, momentarily the heat reaches you then is silenced again by the changing sky. Some wishes make the wind blow or the rain fall and other wishes make the night come. They are all well stated.

six wishes feels epic in the natural sense. Makes even more reason for this to be on the Inner Islands label's newest batch. If you like this, order a copy. There are one hundred of them and they will sell out. Both the label and the artist have been releasing music listeners seek and they have done a statuesque job together on this release.

Inner Islands site - bandcamp - facebook
Braden McKenna - facebook