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Monday, March 7, 2016

Solid Waste - Long Slow Dream

Approaching music using vast periods of time produce unique sounds and almost lucid environments. Solid Waste has achieved this with the newest release on Dismal Niche Tapes titled Long Slow Dream. The sounds within this tape crackle with ambient splendor and pay homage to the electronic pulse of decades ago. The tracks turn like an old photo album relaying joyous times we wish the present will one day be.

Solid Waste is a "New Age" synth act out of St. Louis, Missouri who have tapped into the cosmic vibrations. This EP was recorded live and really depicts the timelessness of sonic harmony. This three person group has channeled the energies of the past years and fused the field of flow from time beyond. The fact this is a live recording makes this so much more relevant. The moment existed and was recorded, I am listening now and writing, you are reading.... 

The music on Long Slow Dream is relaxing and nostalgic. Resting in the world of light rather than darkness. There are no brooding moments within this twenty five minute cassette. The vintage undertones of Solid Waste add the depth, making this a really special listen. Maybe they have happened upon some crumbling crate of "New Age" reel to reels, creating the name and the telling of the dream.

This is just out in late February from Dismal Niche Tapes. Available now from the bandcamp page. There are some really good tapes still available from Dismal Niche, so take a moment and give the available catalog a listen. When i first listened to Solid Waste, they reminded me of Pine Smoke Lodge. The tones are not the same, but the feelings are similar for me. That comparison might help a little in how nice this tape is.

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