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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Trikorder 23 - BLUMSTER

Where did delta blues go? Trains to Chicago and guitars that could be powered up. BLUMSTER has hints of this forgotten style, but in product or by-product, these hints are more haunting echoes of the past. Maybe it is just the first few tracks with the slide on the fat strings or the feelings of sometimes melancholy that connects my thoughts to the blues when listening to this. Trikorder 23 is far from one genre and moves forward into modern composition utilizing strings of all flavors and varying tempos.

BLUMSTER is delivered with ultimate patience. A work of art in slide guitar style on the minor side. Somewhere between blues, jazz and avant-garde, Trikorder 23 is extremely skilled and the sounds touch on so many levels. One listen sounds smooth and sweet, but hearing the record again starts to reveal the complexity of the composition. There is so much consideration behind all of the tracks. This carries over making BLUMSTER exemplary for thinking and reflecting on the sphere we reside on. The realms of happiness and sorrow are simultaneously touched upon. With almost every track feelings and thoughts are pushed to tangle, but beauty remains a constant throughout.

I could throw out the comparison many eclectic guitar based artists are held around. Those times are gone. Trikorder 23 sets the markers down again. With this talent and creativity, this record is simply new and unbridled. Play in the tuning that sounds good to you, be it happy or sad, it is natural and arrives never contrived and always telling.

A Cosmic Winnetou release in February of 2016 on vinyl! Only one hundred of these to go around. Sold out from the label, but should be available at Tomentosa soon. Keep an eye out. This is a really nice release.


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