Trium Circulorum - Silent Surveillance

Tucked away in some unreachable place and sounding forth from some unknown time, Silent Surveillance begins drumming it's way into my ears. The sounds are dark and dense, promoting the mix between tribal rhythms and the sparkling storm emitted from a girder being welded into place high above. The floor vibrates, the sound world crumbles as Silent Surveillance falls out of hyperspace into planetary pulsation.

Trium Circulorum slings obtuse sound angles at my consciousness. The three tracks on this forty minute plus cassette take the look of an x, y and z axis. From jungle ceremonies played in front of a mysterious underground opening, quaking bass riffs causing industrial upheaval and finally the pressure of the heavy molecular atmosphere void of any musical rhythm. The three directions Silent Surveillance takes are all moderately dark in tone and beautiful crafted. The second side, the twenty minute track titled "Intercepted Data", takes the listener to the farthest reaches of composition. Hanging by threads above a world of musical spender and sheer noise. Both swirling below your toes and ready to envelope your mind. This balances well with the first two tracks on the initial side and completes a truly three dimensional sound experience.

This is release number four from Still Heat Recordings. Out in late January in an edition of fifty. All of the Still Heat releases to this point linger in the world of saturated sounds. Music that pushes the thresholds of any listening device and simultaneously the minds of the listeners themselves. The newest release by Trium Circulorum exemplifies the labels ability to reach into the alternate dimensions and bring through what we only hear in our dreams.

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