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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Arvo Zylo - 333

Arvo Zylo is a mysterious cat that must have razor sharp shaped blood cells. His music crosses over into a world of jagged noise and chaotic intensity. I always thought it was interesting how old punk songs are now music used for everyday commercials. I do not think Arvo will need to worry about this in any near future. 333 pulls the ripcord and plunges from the earth's surface going to it's core.

Three tracks at almost an hour. Somewhere in the first track you will be checking to see if your speakers are blown. After this, the second song "Deadbeat Deluxe" sounds like a reprieve. Actually though, more like music for an alternate dimension of "Bugs Bunny" cartoons. Slowly building quirky processes, all foreign in understanding. Industrial music fed by space mushrooms and super caffeinated robot energy packs. Being able to sustain these sound processes is what makes the difference. Lasting long enough to provide impact and giving sense of the rhythm within, then changing and becoming new again. By the third track, the music becomes more spaced out. The processes are lengthier and almost touch into drone world. They never really do though, maybe the intensity knob is turned back to eight instead of ten. The consciousness of Arvo Zylo is a special place indeed. His talent rest in harnessing this swirling cacophony, pulling forth feelings in the form of sound and focusing it long enough to capture for others to hear.  

This is released on the No Part Of It record label.  Not sure how old or new 333 is. It is available through Arvo's discogs page along with an assorted mix of other releases. 333 is pretty intense in the beginning and works itself into being a well rounded composition.

No Part Of It site - bandcamp