Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Arvo Zylo / Dental Work - Velcro Bismal

Cutting deep into unknown metallic like material, Velcro Bismal is a sheer force of sound. Turned to a loud enough volume, a vaporizing beam aimed directly into your cerebral cortex. Arvo Zylo takes the sounds of Dental Work an experimental sound group from Detroit with ties to Chicago, pulls, plucks and pinches them into something more or something less.

Moving from rhythmic shape of steel belt iron production to cataclysmal melt down of Three Mile Island, Velcro Bismal ebbs and flows from factory made steadiness to sheer turbulence. As the composition moves forward, Arvo takes haven in the title track. Maybe this is what break time sounds like in his mind. Swirling sounds dancing in the distance, none ready to be touched only engaged at the reach they present themselves. The last two tracks exemplify the ability of Arvo to create new worlds of sound. For many, these are places you would never want to visit, but for the stalwart listeners this is the realm of the "in between noise and industrial".  Difficult to maintain the balance without becoming to methodical or chaotic altogether.

This was released last year in October and is available on the No Part Of It bandcamp page. The cover art is for a series of collages project Arvo did. This is available as well in various forms.

No Part Of It site - bandcamp
Dental Work - facebook